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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Ombudsman Charter Schools will remain CLOSED through the rest of the school year in accordance with state guidelines. Students will be provided remote learning and other educational opportunities for the remainder of the semester. For more information please call the administrative office at 602-840-2997.

Why Ombudsman Arizona Charter Schools?

Ombudsman Charter Schools in Arizona are perfect for students who want an alternative to traditional high school. If you need to earn additional credits, are at risk of dropping out or have dropped out of school and want to return and earn your high school diploma, we can help. As a student at an Ombudsman Charter School in Arizona, you CAN do it all! A four-hour school day allows time for family, friends, work and school. We prepare you for college, career – for life – after high school. You can enroll in an Ombudsman Charter School at any time during the year and earn your diploma in a professional, alternative school setting.